Aging: Should You Bother Fighting It?

Surprised? You didn’t think it would happen to you? And so soon! Well, it can and it is. In fact, it started the moment you were born. It’s inevitable. Benjamin Franklin said that nothing is certain “except death and taxes.” He should have added, “and growing older.” And it happens to everyone, regardless of sex, race, or whether you are rich or poor.

But what happens to you as you age–as you grow older– is another matter. It can be a great experience, full of energy, enthusiasm, good health. Or it can be a bummer. It all depends on you. …

Poster Fun Means Big Bucks

Your country needs you! During the pre-TV years of the First and Second World Wars, the public display of colorful, graphic posters gave the federal, state, and local governments as well as private companies their best shot at transmitting this message to the broadest possible audience. These home-from pinups were designed not only to encourage able-bodied men to enlist in the armed forces, but also to challenge every citizen to chip in toward the war effort as best they could, whether by conserving food and fuel, planting a Victory garden, or buying war bonds.


From the development of chromolithography

Alleviate Stress And Save Energy By Using Service Desk Software

tseIt has been the experience of many people when they have registered a ticket with a complaint that they have spent a lot of time waiting for the representative of the company to arrive on their doorstep to fix the problem. If the service department is run inefficiently, people end up waiting for days and grow more and more frustrated with the poor support. One of the main factors that something like service desk software came into existence was probably to ensure that the service department of any company, regardless of the industry, could function more effectively. In fact, I …

Can You Sleep Through Someone’s Snoring?


There are people who can sleep throughout the night irrespective of the interruptions. Light sleepers are disadvantaged and can wake up at the slightest interruption. Sharing a room with a snoring person can be traumatizing for a light sleeper. Snoring pillows will sort out that problem. These pillows are designed to support the head and neck muscles during sleep. If snoring continues while using the snoring pillows, an appointment with a doctor is necessary to conduct sleep study to establish the course of the snoring. An elongated palate can cause snoring; it can be reduced through surgery.

Sleeping on the

Natural Ways To Combat Panic Attacks

nwtocpaThere are several things that you can do to prevent or reduce panic attacks. Many people who want to alleviate stress and anxiety drink Chamomile tea. This type of tea has a sedative effect so they can sleep better. It is also suggested to get include sufficient amount of omega-3 in your diet. This is because omega-3 can reduce the effects of stress and anxiety on considerable levels. Fish is a good source of this essential nutrient. It is also encouraged to stay away from stimulant such as caffeinated drinks. Switch for fruit juices or smoothies. You can also decrease …

The Rewards Are Huge For A Good Collector’s Eye

On February 19, 1998, a small be-ribboned box said to hold a 61-year-old piece of cake realized $29,900 at auction. Sealed in its silk-covered cardboard container, the coveted confection hailed from the 1937 nuptials of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, whose possessions were sold over a nine-day period at Sotheby’s New York. Diana D. Brooks, Sotheby’s president and one of the evening’s auctioneers, quipped, “I think that was a record for a piece of wedding cake.” The buyers, a young couple from San Francisco, reportedly have no intention of ever opening the package.

Lofty prices are becoming increasingly

The Smell Of Success

monroeInternational Flavors & Fragrances confirmed this week that it will sponsor the upcoming Marilyn Monroe memorabilia exhibition and auction at Christie’s. And that’s just the beginning.

The Monroe project is merely the opening salvo of a bold advertising and promotional blitz meant to raise IFF’s profile in the hypercompetitive fragrance supply industry. One of the more intriguing aspects of the effort is that it is partially aimed at consumers, as well as potential customers among fragrance manufacturers and marketers. For a supplier to be able to toot its horn shows how much the industry has matured.

Eugene Grisanti, IFF